Hardfacing Welding Cord

The MADUR® hardfacing cord is a coiled flexible electrode composed of a Nickel core wire and a thick coating. This coating consists of an alloy matrix with a high Nickel content and fused crushed or spherical tungsten carbide particles of different sizes.

When surfacing, the matrix - Nickel-based powder - and the Nickel core wire are fusing with the tungsten carbide particles like a brazing, forming a dense coating and a good bond on the base material.

The tungsten carbide grains have a higher density than the powder and are compressed deep into the coating. This compound combination of tungsten carbide - grains or pellets - with high resistant brazing can be use in several industrial sectors, as far as abrasion is concerned.

The main industrial users are: ceramic industry (brick and tile), drilling and mining industry, foundries, cement industry, etc…

This product is designed to protect new parts and to repair old parts.
Easily welded.

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1Total 1 Product
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